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Dana Cohen. Couture- Upcycling

Dana is fashion designer from Israel, graduated from Shenkar College with excellence.
She invented a groundbreaking way to produce new textiles and garments from discarded clothes. 
She started showing her collections in museums and fashion weeks around the world, and recently she launched her online store

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, approximately 10 million used textiles go to national landfills each year in the United States.

DANA COHEN brand introduced a new way to recycle these textiles. 

Driven to make a change in the fast fashion industry, she introduced an innovative approach to ecological fabric manufacturing, with a procedure which gives a new cycle of life to old clothes. Discarded knits are shredded into monochromatic fibers that are then felted into new recycled textile. This metamorphosis is illustrated by new knits that are integrated with the recycled textiles. The process includes a combination of machinery and hand work which gives a one of a kind quality to each garment. The result is spectacular recycled textile in a wide variety of unique colors and patterns, combined with new knits in most of the items. The textiles are soft to touch.
“After my first collection Worn Again (2015) received such good reactions and was rewarded twice, I realized that my next step was to make a commercial collection” says Dana.
Dana created City Growth, her second collection which was rewarded by Mifal Hapais award and was shown at Tel Aviv Fashion Week and at Vietnam Fashion Week (2018) 

“I want my customers to be able to feel unique and beautiful, but also to feel good when wearing a garment that has a positive impact on our society” Dana explains.
City Growth collection is inspired by the massive city growth in the past 40 years, the overtaking and marginalization of agricultural lands by urbanization. As the daughter of a farmer who experienced this process firsthand, Dana wanted to shed light on this aspect of global development.

She used NASA aerial photographs that reveal the changes on the ground in cities all around the globe. The photographs are used as an inspiration for the colors and textures of the collection.

The innovative approach Dana introduces has landed her pieces in Museum exhibitions such as the Israel Museum, Mingei Museum in San Diego and Tel Aviv Museum of Art where she was requested to create an art work and presented a wall tapestry. 

“Each piece symbolizes the possibility of creating beauty out of something we thought had already ended” says Dana. 
The garments are designed to push the recycling agenda forward and to question the common perception that recycled products are unattractive or unuseful.
Dana’s designs are featured globally in top magazines.

This month her shira dress apppeared in Laishamag, on Shira Haas, the Unorthodox, series, leading actress .

Honors and Awards

  • Fini Leitersdorf Excellence Award for Creativity and Originality in Fashion for 2015.
  • Rozen Award for Design and Sustainable Technologies for 2015.
  • Mifal Hapais award – (the Israeli Lottery Company) Fashion Design Award for 2018. 


  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
    “City Growth” painting, “Soft Worlds”exhibition. February 2018.
  • Mingei International Museum, San Diego.
    “Worn Again” dress, “Israel 70 years of Craft & Design” exhibition. April 2018.
  • Israel Museum, Jerusalem. “City Growth” garment. 
    June 2018.
  • Material Library, Design Museum Holon. Textile catalogue is part of the library collection 2016.

Congrats DANA!

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