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I met Anne in London last September, after I read two of her latest books: Les Parisiennes, and The Other Woman, which I found thought-provoking and fascinating.

Les Parisiennes, a compilation of real life stories, explores how Parisian women lived, loved and died under nazi occupation. Many faced life and death decisions every day.

The Other Woman retells the story of Wallis Simpson, the twice divorced American who captivated the Duke of Windsor and for whom he abdicated to the throne of England. It is full of unknown information about the couple, based on a very realistic approach.

Meeting the Author 

Contacting Anne  was clearly an example of how social media plays a leading role in contacting people today. (I had posted the cover of The Other Women in my instagram  with a recommendation.  She read it, and then I contacted her through her website, to ask  for the meeting, which she happily agreed.) I met  her at one of her favorite spots in London: the Royal Academy of Arts. We had some tea at the coffee shop, and shared a relaxed and very friendly talk.

Anne, a prolific and very attractive woman worked as a journalist, for Reuters a big part of her life,  until she was fired when she got pregnant with her first child. That episode gave her the courage to start writing books.

She lives in the outskirts of London with her husband ,who worked for netaporter , the luxury fashion ecommerce, and enjoys being a grandmother. She confesses a passion for fashion and adds the  important role it had during the occupation in Paris, where the French designers and  women,  resisted through the Couture.

Her research for Les Parisiennes took  a long time.  Anne started talking to  survivors who then contacted her with more victims, allowing  the compilation of  so many different thrilling life stories.

As to The Other Woman, her interest on this theme started when she found that Wallis Simpson’s first husband was Jewish, ( as herself) who in order to belong to British society had conceiled this fact. And then different letters facilitated the knowledge of facts, and different states of mind of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

For the author, Wallis had a  strong character and a very complex mind. The book reveals what a dominant and almost masculine personality she  had, as opposed to the weakness of the Duke. The couple  had  eating disorders and  never recovered from the exile  suffered when they decided to stay together as  couple. I invite you to get your  owun copy at Amazon, and discover  for yourself, so many other unknown secrets.

As Anne is a passionate researcher, she is now working on a new project about the life of Ethel Rosenberg, who was wrongly accused as a russian spy, and executed, in the US during 1950´s. I am looking forward to reading it as well.

After meeting her, I feel very enthusiastic about the idea of inviting Anne, next year, to offer a lecture about her work in Buenos Aires, my city.

Thank you, Anne Sebba.


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