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One of my favorite places in NYC to shop, eat and spend precious time is ABC CARPET&deco. The place is very conveniently located, close to Union Square ( a couple of blocks from the Flatiron Building and Eataly gourmet Paradise).

During my last trip to the city,  I had the great pleasure to be guided through the store by Carlos Ledesma, a friendly argentinian who is in charge of press relations.

As soon as you enter the place, you feel overwhelmed by the colors, materials, textiles and the vast product selection of home items. Everything there is unique.

The ground floor invites you to browse through carpets from all over the world, chandeliers, crystal glasses and objects, and also as I’m a beauty fan, I feel impulsed to go through the amusing selection of beauty brands, such as Tracie Martyn,NUORI or RMS. All natural, chemical and cruelty free – the ones you won’t come across in many stores. The friendly atmosphere invites you to try, touch and smell them without feeling harassed to purchase anything.

On the higher level of the mega- building, you are welcomed by a magical fashion section. Everything exposed is manufactured under eco-friendly regulations. The fabrics and materials are tempting, cozy, mostly romantic styles from brands across the world. An interesting merchandising detail is the labels guiding you with the characteristic of each piece.

Amongst the racks you may find unique bras, dresses in 100% cotton, even satin vintage gowns rated at U$$ 500 or more. To complete the looks, mohair or cashmere cardigans are piled in a very appealing and graphic way. Everything seems to be layed to be instagrammed.

Special fashion corners
Special fashion corners

The store philosophy is to be conscious of it’s products manufacturings.

ABC also has a kitchen section on the lower ground floor where one feels as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. There, you can satisfy any of your culinary needs and tastes.

Details of the dining room at Jean Georges abc cocina in New York City.
Details of the dining room at Jean Georges abc cocina in New York City.

And if decorating your home is your priority, at levels , 2, 4 and 5 you can find sofas, original ligthning, and bedroom models. Don’t be surprised if between norweigian mobiliary or Philiipe Starck chairs you come across the purity of an exotic land sculpture.

 If by this time you feel hungry, don’t miss The Kitchen restaurant, to have a bite, with the best organic menu in town, and the coolest people coming in, whether it be from yoga clases or theatre auditions.

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